Wednesday, May 22, 2013

U. Kansas School of Law announces plan to reduce incoming class size

It's not the first school to do this (here, here and here) but what may be unique is that its Dean has said this is decision to permanently "right-size" the incoming class for the foreseeable future even if the job market for lawyers improves and even though KU has experienced a more modest decrease in applications than many other schools.  It reflects genuine leadership on the part of the Dean Stephen Mazza if'n you ask me.  From the Kansas City Business Journal:

KU Law targets smaller classes now and in future

The University of Kansas School of Law will have a significantly smaller incoming class this fall — and in future years for the foreseeable future.

Faced with dwindling applications, law schools across the country either are slashing class sizes or admitting students with inferior credentials. Dean Stephen Mazza said KU set a target of 120 students this year and may end up a bit below that.

By contrast, there are 175 students graduating this year and about 140 each in the first-year and second-year classes.

Mazza said applications were down about 10 percent, far less than at many other schools.

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Hat to Steven Harper at The Belly of the Beast.


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