Monday, May 20, 2013

Several law schools launch advanced degree or specialty certificate programs

Several law schools have announced plans to start new LL.M. or legal certificate programs for non-lawyers for whom a background in law would provide a career boost.  Whether one sees these programs as a way for schools to bolster tuition revenue during a time when J.D. applications are  down or as a means to help job applicants obtain a competitive edge in a tough market, the breadth of speciality offerings is unprecedented if you're looking to add a credential to your resume.  Just be aware that some have questioned the economic value of an LL.M. (here too).

We'd previously reported that Florida Coastal School of Law will be offering an LL.M. in Transportation and Logistics Law.  In a similiar vein, Stetson has announced plans to offer an LLM in Advocacy beginning in the fall (the school already offers LL.M.'s in Elder Law and International Law).   Thomas Cooley has also announced plans to offer an LL.M. in Homeland and National Security Law in September 2013.   And Southwestern School of Law announced plans to offer a certificate for non-lawyers in Bioscience Industry Law and Practice.   

Hat tip to National Jurist Magazine.


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