Saturday, May 25, 2013

Curricular changes at NYU intended to enhance career options for grads

This all sounds pretty incredible - those NYU people have got it goin' on!  From the school's press release:

The Law School announced yesterday that it will plant its flag on three continents, setting up NYU Law-designed and managed programs for its students to study in Buenos Aires, Paris, and Shanghai during their final semester of law school. This is just one of several initiatives the school is taking to enhance its curriculum, with a particular emphasis on the third year. The purpose of the changes is to ensure that NYU Law graduates are optimally equipped to compete in the twenty-first century legal marketplace.

. . . .

In addition to the study-abroad programs, the initiatives include:

  • A Washington, D.C.-based Government Lawyering Clinic – Students interested in developing specialized expertise in the U.S. legislative and regulatory process will spend a 3L semester in Washington, dividing their time between fieldwork in a government agency and classroom study.
  • Pathways – Faculty-designed “professional pathways” will guide students in a focused area of study and skill development in one of eight areas of law, the bulk of which they will pursue during their 3L year. Pathways are designed to help students who have developed interest in a particular career area (e.g., intellectual property, environmental law, or criminal practice) and make them highly competitive in the job market for that field. 
  • Business and Financial Literacy and Leadership Training – A variety of programs will be offered during the course of the three-year J.D. program to increase business and financial literacy and training in leadership skills.

Here's a link to a video description of the new curricular changes and you can read the full press release here.


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