Thursday, May 23, 2013

Can Women Have It All?

A recent media theme is that women can’t “have it all.” Business executive Joan Solotar disagrees. Here is her advice for young women:

  Be confident.

  You don't need to "know it all" on day one.

  Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

  You have no idea where your career will lead you longer-term so think of it in smaller, manageable stages.

  Speak twice as loudly as you think you need to.

  Be prepared. Practice.

  Find that person who believes in you — and then listen to them, even if you don't like what they're saying.

  Draw lines in the sand. Know what it is you absolutely won't give up and stick to it.

  You will frequently feel like you are not giving your 100% best anywhere — either at home, at work, with friends, with other outside interests. I feel like this all the time — and it's okay.

  Pay it forward and good things happen.

  Be ready — for anything.

These are just the headline. You can read more here at the Harvard Business Review blog..


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