Saturday, April 20, 2013

Legal advice software that replaces law firms

Further eroding the demand for lawyers are software products like this one called General Counsel Navigator that is intended to provide in-house corporate attorneys with quick answers to many common legal questions thereby obviating the need to consult with an outside law firm. For instance, in-house lawyers are often asked by their corporate clients about the legality of prize sweepstakes. Rather than call an outside firm that will charge to have an associate prepare a state-by-state survey of the law, in-house counsel can instead check a desktop software package that's been vetted by 150 corporate counsel to get a quick and inexpensive answer along with links to the relevant citations.

Whatever you may think about the shortcomings of using software in lieu of talking to a flesh and blood attorney, it's a form of artificial intelligence that's still in its infancy and will only get better with time.  You can read a brief review of General Counsel Navigator courtesy of the Corporate Counsel blog here or watch the informational video below.


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