Sunday, March 17, 2013

Are Law Schools Correctly Reporting Employment Data?

Although the ABA has toughened up its reporting requirements, there are allegations that some law schools are not complying and that the ABA is doing very little in response. From the National Law Journal:

The nonprofit Law School Transparency, formed in 2009 by two then-Vanderbilt law students, examined postgraduate employment data posted on the websites of all 199 ABA-accredited law schools. It concluded that close to half haven't met the expectations set by Standard 509, the ABA's tougher reporting requirements.

Law School Transparency stopped short of accusing those schools of violating the standard, saying it's not in a position to make that determination.

It claimed that the ABA has taken no enforcement measures beyond emailing law schools to remind them of the new reporting requirements.

Here’s the ABA response:

Barry Currier, the ABA's interim consultant on legal education, disputed that assertion. The Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar has had behind-the-scenes contact with law schools regarding compliance with Standard 509, and will continue to request information from schools that may not be meeting the requirements, he said.


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