Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New York Law School starts program to teach students corporate law skills

From the National Jurist Magazine:

NYLS launches center for business and financial law

New York Law School launched the Center for Business and Financial Law in January, which will serve both J.D. and LL.M. students with academic and skills training in corporate, commericial and financial services law.

The law school hopes to leverage it’s proximity to New York City’s financial district. It will consolidate aspects of two existing NYLS centers (Business Law & Policy and Financial Services Law) while adding additional faculty and resources to this area of focus. The new approach is expected to provide cutting-edge courses, projects, research, CLE programs, speakers’ forums, and other events.

“As we continue to deliver on the fundamentals of a legal education, it is incumbent on us to also develop focused tracks to employment in traditional and non-traditional legal fields, especially in areas of high growth,” said Dean Anthony Crowell. “Even as our city’s economy diversifies, the financial sector will always be a major employer in New York and across the globe. Given our proximity to Wall Street and depth of expertise in the area, I’m confident this new program will be a competitive advantage for our students.”

The center will have four full-time faculty members associated with the program and will launch several areas of focus, including: Deal School focusing on transactional law education and skills development; The Financial Services Law Institute focusing on the law and regulation of all aspects of the financial industry;Project Start-Up focusing on the legal and business challenges facing new and small businesses in the tech sector and beyond; The Corporate Values Project focusing on researching and developing policy frameworks that respect and support the inter-connectivity of business and society; and The Compliance Working Group focusing on promoting employment in the regulatory and compliance fields across a wide range of industries.

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