Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hot practice areas

National Jurist Magazine asked Carmen Grossman, a top legal headhunter with Major, Lindsay & Africa, to identify the hot practice areas at the moment.  As a preliminary matter, Ms. Grossman said that legal hiring is stronger on the coasts than elsewhere and that applicants with excellent foreign language skills are also highly sought after.  So where exactly are the jobs according to Ms. Grossman?

Practice areas that are hiring

Real Estate
Real estate is becoming “red hot,” according to Grossman. That’s certainly nice to hear after the long stretch where it was not so hot.

Corporate is also busy, Grossman said. There has been a general upswing in transactional work.

Health Care
Health care, especially in the Regulatory area, is hot right now.

Energy is a busy practice area right now, especially in Texas.

Intellectual Property
IP work, especially in the technology area, has also been busy.

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