Saturday, January 19, 2013

LSAC update on law school applicants for fall 2013

Here's an update from our last report from LSAC a few weeks ago; the total number of law school applicants for fall 2013 classes is 25,423 as of January 11, 2013. That represents a decline of 20.4% from the same time last year.  Total applications are down 23.4% from this time last year.  With an estimated 44% of total applicants having submitted their applications by this point, that means we're on track to see a total of about 53,000 students apply for the coming school year.   By way of comparison, this past fall, approximately 45,00o total students enrolled in law schools nationwide according to this report from Thomson Reuters (the ABA will have the final figure on total fall 2012 enrollment in the spring according to TR).  It sounds like it's going to be almost open enrollment at some schools this fall.


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