Saturday, January 26, 2013

Daytona School of Law becomes Florida Space Coast School of Law

Remember the story about the investors who wanted to start a new law school in Daytona Beach, Florida only to have their plans hit a wall when they learned that the building they planned to occupy didn't have enough, um, "space." When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, right?  Or, in this case, when you can't open Daytona School of Law due to lack of space, you instead open Florida Space Coast School of Law.  Yup, looks like Florida's 13th law school is "all systems go!" as the astronauts like to say or "full steam ahead" as the Space Coast School of Law investors prefer to say.  From  The Daytona Times:

Attorney: Law school not coming to Daytona

A Jacksonville attorney said “plans are still full steam ahead” to start a law school, but it will not be in Daytona Beach.

. . . .

[The investors] hope to initially enroll 80 students and grow the student body to 600 as well as secure accreditation from the American Bar Association (ABA), according to the National Law Journal.

Plans also call for the school to keep costs low by focusing on attracting practicing attorneys to teach.

The school would need a license from the city to operate, and after one year, could apply to the ABA for provisional accreditation. An application for full accreditation could follow in three to five years.

Those involved say the school, which will be called the Florida Space Coast School of Law, would emphasize public service and pro bono work, and foster a cooperative, rather than competitive, atmosphere.

[The investors] believe the lower cost of education isn’t the only thing that will set them apart from Florida’s 12 other law schools. The new law school’s founders also plan to use practicing attorneys and judges as faculty.

And click here to read Elie Mystal having some fun with the new law school's name.

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