Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Latest Issue of "Perspectives"

The latest issue of "Perspectives" is out. Here is the table of contents with links to the articles.

Brutal Choices in Curricular Design ...
It's Not About the Grades ... Really.
Steven J. Johansen

The Newest Legal Research Game Changer: Bloomberg Law
Tamara Herrera

We Go Out Looking for Trouble: Taking Library Services to the Patron's Point of Need
Whitney A. Curtis and Robert Brammer

This Time It's For Real Continued: More Ways to Use Law-Related Current Events in the Classroom
Amy R. Stein

A Side-by-Side Comparison Shopping Method: Teaching Students How to Draft More Principled Outlines
Abigail A. Patthoff

A Novel Teaching Practice: Using Nonlegal Fiction to Instill Legal Values
Scott A. Anderson

Googling the Law: Apprising Students of the Benefits and Flaws of Google as a Legal Research Tool
Alena Wolotira

Garageā€”as an Abstract Noun and a Verb
Richard K. Neumann Jr.

Book Review ...
The Case for Books, Past, Present, and Future
James B. Levy

Index to Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing, Volumes 1-20 (1992-2012)
Elizabeth Edinger


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