Thursday, December 27, 2012

Job Interviews: 8 Practical Ways to Shine

From Jeff Haden, ghostwriter, speaker, columnist. Here are the 8 ways (greatly abridged):   

  1. Be likable.
  2. Never start the interview by saying you want the job. Why? Because you don't know yet.
  3. Ask questions about what really matters to you. Focus on making sure the job is a good fit: Who you will work with, who you will report to, the scope of responsibilities, etc.
  4. Set a hook. A sad truth of interviewing is that later we often don't remember a tremendous amount about you -- especially if we've interviewed a number of candidates for the same position. Hooks make you memorable and create an anchor for interviewers to remember you by -- and being memorable is everything.
  5. Know what you can offer immediately. Researching the company is a given; go a step farther and find a way you can hit the ground running or contribute to a critical area
  6. Don't create negative sound bites
  7. Ask for the job based on facts. If you need more information, say so. Otherwise use your sales skills and ask for the job,
  8. Reinforce a connection with your follow-up. Email follow-ups are fine; handwritten notes are better; following up based on something you learned during the interview is best. And make sure you say thanks -- never underestimate the power of gratitude.


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