Friday, November 30, 2012

Westlaw objects to use by LexisAdvance of "WL" designation for unpublished decisions.

3 Geeks and a Law Blog is reporting that Thomson Reuters (Westlaw's parent company) has sent a letter to its customers noting its objection to the use by LexisNexis of the "WL" designation to refer to unpublished decisions available on Westlaw. In the letter, West doesn't indicate whether it plans to pursue legal action or will otherwise try to stop Lexis from using "WL" citations but instead warns its customers not to trust the accuracy of those citations unless they come from Westlaw itself.

According to a letter sent by LexisNexis to its own customers, the availability of Westlaw parallel citations for unpublished decisions is a new feature of Lexis Advance the company has been touting in a recent marketing campaign.  You can read the exchange between Thomson Reuters and Lexis concerning the "WL" citation controversy by clicking here.


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