Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Another survey shows many clients balk at paying for legal research

There have been a couple reports in the past month or so describing how clients are increasingly refusing to pay for legal research conducted by their lawyers.  The Wall Street Journal noted that the vast majority of in-house law departments object to the legal research bills submitted by outside law firms and one client has even gone so far as to obtain its own contract with Wexis requiring its outside attorneys to use that instead.  Another legal services consultant also found that many clients are refusing to pay for legal research costs.

Now comes the video report below from Bloomberg law (hat tip to the Law Librarian blog) noting that 43% of the law firms it surveyed said they are eating the cost of legal research because clients won't pay for it.  Obviously law schools must continue to teach legal research because it's a core lawyering skill but it is also one that some lawyers may find they have to give away for free.


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