Sunday, October 28, 2012

Boston College Appoints Faculty Director of Experiential Learning

From the Law School’s media release (excerpts):

Boston College Law School has announced the appointment of Clinical Professor and Law Fund Research Scholar Paul Tremblay to the newly created position of faculty director of experiential learning, a move that underscores and enhances the Law School's longstanding emphasis on real-world experience for law students.
Tremblay will be responsible for coordinating experiential learning throughout the curriculum to ensure that every student will have reasonable access to significant opportunities in this area, alongside the critical doctrinal and theoretical training which remains a hallmark of the BC Law School program.

With a director in place, the school intends to strengthen its established and nationally-known in-house clinics, such as its Legal Assistance Bureaua model for other programs across the country since 1968through which students and their advisors represent clients with a variety of legal problems, including domestic violence prevention, family law, landlord-tenant disputes, Social Security disability appeals. They also offer free legal services to small businesses, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and first-time home buyers through the Community Enterprise Clinic, which Tremblay founded in 2008.

"In this new role, I plan to advocate for more clinical opportunities for students and more externships, including international placements, through creative partnerships with private firms, public interest offices, and government agencies," he said, "as well as coordinate ongoing efforts to include more simulation and practicum components to our high quality, nationally-ranked classroom courses.”


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