Saturday, October 27, 2012

"Beyond Practical Skills: Nine Steps for Improving Legal Education Now"

A recent essay by Professor Michael Cassidy (BC) and available at 53 B.C. L. Rev. 1515 (2012) and here on SSRN.  A summary:

Five years after the Carnegie Report Educating Lawyers called upon law schools to adopt an integrated approach to legal education—teaching practical skills and professionalism across the curriculum—few schools have risen to that enormous challenge. Comprehensive reform will take years, requiring major resource reallocations, realignment of teaching responsibilities, redesign of courses, and changes to graduation requirements. R. Michael Cassidy, Professor of Law at Boston College Law School, in Beyond Practical Skills: Nine Steps for Improving Legal Education Now, empowers faculty members and administrators desiring to respond to the Carnegie Report with immediate, realizable tools to improve legal education in the United States. Cassidy’s nine proposals, each modest in isolation, could collectively have a huge impact on law students’ professional development. “Our current students deserve our best efforts to make progress now toward improving the professional education of lawyers, even if it means proceeding in a piecemeal fashion,” writes Cassidy.


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