Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Some law schools diversify by offering Juris Master degrees

Whether in response to declining law school applications or not, some schools of late have  implemented (or expanded) programs that offer a J.D.-lite to people working in a variety of fields who want to gain some legal knowledge in order to advance in their careers but without the cost and time commitment required for a full on J.D.  Below is a description of the Juris Master program offered by Emory that aims to help people working in diverse fields including architects, healthcare workers, the media and even members of the clergy obtain a better grasp of legal issues pertinent to their jobs. In light of Professor Deborah Jones Merritt's post the other day over at Inside the Law School Scam discussing how employers are increasingly relying on in-house personnel for compliance work rather than J.D.'s, this might become an important source of revenue for some law schools as demand for their primary product flags.

Today's professionals cope with growing regulation, intensifying risk and liability concerns and increasingly complex decision environments.  Developing a clearer understanding of law's influence on our individual and institutional decisions has never been more crucial. Regardless of your background, by building your expertise in law with the JM degree, you will be better equipped to deal with these rapidly changing scenarios, by gaining insight into questions such as:

  • What laws and regulations apply to my profession?
  • What trends in law and regulation should I incorporate into decision-making?
  • How does regulatory reform impact my profession, and how can I influence regulatory change?
  • How can I assess risk in a changing environment?
  • How can I communicate better with my organization’s attorneys?
  • Can we get sued for this?  If so, who will win?

Whether you are a working professional interested in gaining a better grounding in law and regulation to advance your career, or a prospective graduate student whose primary degree would be enhanced by an integrated study of law, Emory Law’s Juris Master program offers the insight and flexibility to help you achieve your goals.

Emory Law's JM Supplements Your Professional Pursuits
Professionals in accounting and tax, architecture, business, diplomacy, energy, engineering, finance, health care, journalism, politics, public health, the religious ministry, among other relevant areas, increasingly need to understand the law. The JM enables you to do so.

  • Complete your coursework either full time in as little as one year or part time in up to four years.
  • Customize your coursework for the 24-credit-hour program to meet your individual career needs.

JM Students attend courses with JD and LLM students. Courses are offered throughout the day, including some late afternoon and evening options. Part time JM students may choose courses based on their area of interest and work schedule.

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