Thursday, August 30, 2012

Friday Fun: Signs you've gone to the wrong law school

This comes from the blogger known as Bitter Lawyer:

13 Signs You’ve Gone to the Wrong Law School

1 The law school’s sign is in neon. Worse, it flickers and makes a horrible humming sound at night when you are studying in the school’s outdoor “study yurts.”

2 There is a tip jar at the front of each classroom. Professors manage to mention it at least twice during each lecture.

3 The new career services director—the fourth one at the school in the last five months—is younger than you. You are 23.

4 The school’s contracts course is three weeks long. “These days, you don’t need all of that stuff,” an administrator explains.

5 The law school’s sole vending machine offers miniature bottles of Jim Beam and 32 ounce cans of Milwaukee’s Best. It also dispenses student loans, making it the school’s official financial aid office. 

6 The law school’s mascot shows up at the beginning of each first-year class to do a “pep-me-up” cheer. The mascot is a 1992 version of “Eutectic,” the mascot of the St. Louis College of Pharmacy.

7 When you show up for your first class, most students in the class already have two 32 ounce cans of Milwaukee’s Best in front of them. Half have bought Harvard-branded Koozies to hold their beers.

8 For internet access, law school administrators give out the Wifi password to the Holiday Inn’s wireless network next door.

9 The law school’s approved official hashtag on Twitter is more than 140 characters long.

10 The law school’s most famous alumni is in prison, where he also got his degree. He has been disbarred.




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