Monday, April 30, 2012

Preparing for Tenure or Promotion


At the Chronicle of Higher Education, Dean Katharine Stewart offers this advice.

1. Know the criteria on which you will be judged. This may seem obvious, but in my experience, faculty candidates rarely read the policies and procedures for promotion-and-tenure review at the institutions to which they’ve applied. This is like planning a journey without looking at a map. . . . Proactive tenure trackers will ask their department chair and other senior mentors how those productivity standards are applied, so they can gauge where they stand each year relative to those standards.

2. Keep track of everything you do from day one on the job. At most institutions, my own included, important activities fall into three categories: education, scholarship or research, and service.

3. Practice assembling your portfolio long before your review. Some colleges have a “midterm” or “third-year” review that requires faculty to compile many of the components of a tenure packet. Even if your institution doesn’t have a third-year review, I recommend that you work with your chair or mentor to create a “draft packet.”

The full article is worth reading.


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