Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's not too early to start studying for the bar

And here are five study tips for the bar exam from the Lawyerist blog:

Five Tips for Early Bar Exam Prep.

Whether you are taking the bar exam in three months or three years, the bar exam is one of life’s big events. You need to plan ahead.

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If you won’t be taking the bar exam for a while, you can sign up for the courses in law school that can prepare you. Take your school’s bar-prep course. If you need help, go to Academic Support.


And if you are taking the bar exam soon, and you are determined to pass, then the two or three months of bar prep must be an intense period when you are totally focused on preparing for the bar exam, nothing else. It’s a marathon.


Here is a check-list for getting ready early for the bar exam.

  1. Have You Eliminated All Distractions?
  2. Do You Have a Dedicated Study Space?
  3. Are Your Finances in Order?
  4. Have You Arranged to Take Two Months Off From Work?
  5. Have You Persuaded Your Family and Friends to Support You?

You can read more detailed advice about each one of these tips here.


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