Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Georgetown law students create new apps to answer client questions

Thanks to the TaxProf blog for this story about a student competition at Georgetown to develop new apps that provide access to more affordable legal advice on issues like copyright, same sex marriage and immigration law. The competition was held in conjunction with a seminar called Technology, Innovation, and Law Practice: An Experiential Seminar in which students were asked to design a program that would solve a real life legal problem.

Kudos to the students for coming up with some great innovations.  But are they putting themselves out of a job by creating software that does the work for them?  "No" say the students; software is their ally. It helps clients by lowering the overall transactional cost and helps the attorneys by eliminating some of the grunt work so they can instead focus on creative problem solving.

Check out this video of students talking about their apps and find out which one the judges liked best.



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