Thursday, April 26, 2012

Are There Too Many Lawyers?

Earlier this week, one of my co-bloggers posted an article from Bloomberg Busines Week, which argued: "[There is a] fundamental challenge facing the legal profession: At all levels, the industry suffers from excess labor."  Later, it stated: "We have a lot of decrepit bridges in this country, factories that could use modernization, and clean-energy technologies that need inventing. It’s a moment for more engineers and entrepreneurs, not more lawyers."

This article has missed the fact that many segments of our society are underserved by the legal profession.  While there may be too many corporate lawyers, the poor are going without legal advice.  The poor have as many legal needs as the middle-class (and one could argue that the middle class is not well-served, too), but they can't get help because of the high cost of legal representation and the government's failure to properly fund legal programs for the poor.

(Scott Fruehwald

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