Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Twitter Archive – Search Service

Datasift (UK) is offering a service that will allow users to search tweets back to January 2010 according to this post from the BBC News.

“Until today, only the previous 30 days of tweets were available for companies to search. Regular users can access posts from the past seven days….The cost to businesses will depend on the company's size, with Datasift's entry-level package costing £635 ($1,000) per month for "individuals or developers".

Some privacy concerns have been expressed as a result of this movement to mine and archive Twitter:

“People have historically used Twitter to communicate with friends and networks in the belief that their tweets will quickly disappear into the ether," argued Gus Hosein, executive director of Privacy International. ..Companies can get detailed reports showing activity around a certain term or topic "The fact that two years' worth of tweets can now be mined for information and the resulting 'insights' sold to businesses is a radical shift in the wrong direction. “

It will be interesting to watch this unfold in the coming weeks and months.



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