Thursday, February 9, 2012

Facebook is an Increasing Factor in Family Law Cases

From Philadelphia’s Legal Intelligencer:

While Facebook was no stranger to alimony or divorce proceedings — "It makes it easier to have an affair," as one lawyer put it — the biggest forum in which the world's most popular website had found a home was custody cases.

"By and large, we haven't had a custody case where something Facebook-related doesn't come up," said Jonathan Hoffman, an attorney specializing in family law.

In one custody dispute, Weber Gallagher partner Christian V. Badali said, a father created a fake Facebook page pretending to be the mother. It featured pictures of the mother in a bathing suit along with fake posts and status updates.

The advice to give clients: Get off Facebook. Of course, they don’t always take that advice. Social media is so tempting.


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Social media indeed is tempting. Yes, it is entertaining but it also opens an avenue for misdeeds. Interconnectivity, though useful in most cases, can be exploited. As proven, Facebook has been a part of many family law cases due to the fact that, as it is stated, that it makes it easier to have an affair without being caught.

Posted by: Mike Clark | Jun 21, 2012 1:00:27 PM

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