Sunday, January 22, 2012

Legal Skills Exercises in Legal Writing Textbooks

While the move to publish casebooks that contain legal skills exercises is very recent, legal writing texts have long included legal skills exercises, and they have gotten even better in recent years. For example, Writing and Analysis in the Law, by Helene S. Shapo, Marilyn R. Walter, & Elizabeth Fajans contains a wealth of miniskills exercises. They have exercises on case analysis, applying precedent, identifying relevant facts, synthesizing cases, statutory analysis, analyzing cases and statutes to provide large-scale organization, case synthesis to create small-scale organization, working with different types of arguments, etc. I am especially impressed with their case synthesis exercises, which I have used for many years, and how they use case synthesis exercises to help organize on the large-scale and small-scale levels.

Similarly, Legal Writing: Process, Analysis, and Organization by Linda Holdeman Edwards contains many skills exercises. Particularly helpful are her extensive exercises on formulating rules.

If anyone wants to send me a list of their favorite legal skills exercises in legal writing texts, I will be happy to put them together in a post when I have enough entries. (

(Scott Fruehwald)

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