Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Law School Transparency Report

Law School Transparency has just released its Winter 2012 Transparency Index Report.

The Executive Summary states:

"Having had their long-standing practice of withholding basic consumer information called into question, law schools have responded with new attempts at disclosure in advance of the ABA’s new requirements. Adequate disclosure should be easy to achieve; law schools have possessed ample information, in an easy publishable format, for many months. But as the findings of this report show, the vast majority of U.S. law schools are still hiding critical information from their applicants. . . .  The Winter 2012 Index reveals a continued pattern of consumer-disoriented activity."

It continues:

"Taken together, these and other findings illustrate how law schools have been slow to react to calls for disclosure, with some schools conjuring ways to repackage employment data to maintain their images. Our findings play into a larger dialogue about law schools and their continued secrecy against a backdrop of stories about admissions data fraud, class action lawsuits, and ever-rising education costs. These findings raise a red flag as to whether schools are capable of making needed changes to the current, unsustainable law school model without being compelled to through government oversight or other external forces. "

While I agree that prospective law students are smart enough and mature enough to make their own decisions, they need full and accurate information upon which to make those decisions.  It is time that law schools give them that information.

(Scott Fruehwald)


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