Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Improving Leadership Skills

At the Harvard Business Review blog, executive Pekka Viljakainen recounts how his leadership skills plummeted when he went from managing a relatively modest number of employees to a much larger number. By surveying his employees, he found out what they wanted:

1. Influence. They said they expected to have influence on company leadership. They wanted somebody who owns the game, but they wanted influence, too.

2. Equality. They really expected that everybody in the company would be treated equally. Of course there will be salary differences, but the way people have impact should be same everywhere — and the opportunity to share in the value of that impact should be the same, too.

3. Understanding. One thing they said that was surprising to me was that they expected the board to be really on the ball as to what was going on in the company. They couldn't understand how somebody could decide on a strategy without knowing specifically what to do.

I think these themes would resonate with people we supervise, our support staff and our students.


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