Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What are most Tweeters tweeting about?

Themselves according to this new study from Rutgers called Is it Really About Me? Message Content in Social Awareness Streams available in pdf here.  According to the study, 80% of Twitter users are "Meformers" who focus on self-indulgent posts about themselves while the remaining 20% are "informers" who share information with their followers. Not surprisingly, the "informers" form the more interactive social media relationships which certainly has implications for those using Twitter as a marketing tool. Look outward, not inward. An excerpt:

Our findings suggest that the users in the “information sharing” group tend to be more conversational, posting mentions and replies to other users, and are more embedded in social interaction on Twitter, having more social contacts. We note that the direction of the causal relationship between information sharing behavior and extended social activity is not clear. One hypothesis is that informers prove more “interesting” and therefore attract followers; an alternative explanation is that informers seek readers and attention for their content and therefore make more use of Twitter’s social functions; or that an increased amount of followers encourages user to post additional (informative) content. A longitudinal study may help us address these alternatives.

Hat tip to The Business Insider.



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