Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Legal sector lost 1300 jobs in September despite improved hiring in other sectors

From National Jurist Magazine:

The Legal Sector lost 1,300 jobs last month, according to the September Bureau of Labor Statistics Report. Hiring was down for the second month in a row, the report indicated. The Legal Sector has shed 3,500 jobs overall in the past year, since September 2010.

Fortunately, there is also some good news. While law lags behind, the economy in general seems to be picking up. Overall, the economy added 103,000 jobs. That figure was better than analysts’ had expected, according to the AmLaw Daily.

There are several growth areas listed in the BLS report. Employment in professional and business services increased by 48,000.  Healthcare also showed growth -- 44,000 of the jobs recently added were in the Healthcare sector.

The temporary help industry grew as well — in the past three months, this sector has added 53,000 jobs. Employment also increased in computer systems design and the construction industry.  Hopefully the legal sector will follow soon.


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