Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Attention law students; take a clinic to make yourself more marketable

This post from the Lawyerist blog offers advice to law students hoping to secure a job offer when exams did not go the way you would have liked. One piece of advice is to take some clinical courses to bolster your practical skills. 

Lots of people who get good grades do law review/journals and tend to become obsessed with their grades. Many of them are too busy to actually work as a law clerk somewhere. That is your chance to separate yourself from them.

Start networking and find an opportunity to do some real legal work. Depending on the employer, legal experience can be more important then law review. Another good option is to sign up for a law school clinic.

For advice on how to respond to those pesky job interview questions about those same less-than-stellar grades, click here.


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The author misses the mark. Law students with excellent exam taking-skills, as well as law students whose exams have missed the mark or expectations, will benefit from enrolling in a clinical law program.

Posted by: Len Sandler | Oct 27, 2011 6:42:34 AM

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