Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Bloom is Off the Law School Rose

Following up on the post below which addresses the notion that law school will become increasingly irrelevant in the future, I  point out the recent Wall Street Journal article which reported that attending law school is declining in popularity. Traditionally, during troubled economic times law school admissions have gone up as students wait out the economic downturn. However, what is noteworthy about the WSJ article is that even though these are difficult financial times law schools are not seeing an uptick in applications, instead law schools are seeing a sizable drop. Even more troubling,  it looks like the popularity of law school may not be coming back anytime soon.

From the WSJ,

"Even more interesting, it appears law schools are not about to surge back to popularity soon. This summer, there was an 18.7% decline in LSAT test takers. That is the biggest decline in at least 24 years, according to this report from the Law School Admission Council."


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