Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The "Alternative Career handbook" for lawyers

Here's a guide published by the career development office at U. Arizona School of Law which is intended to help recent grads and otherwise unemployed (or under-employed) lawyers consider more remunerative  and satisfying alternatives. The authors say that the guide's somewhat humorous tone is supposed to be an attention-getter that shouldn't detract from the "serious business of finding an alternative" to a career in law that may longer be a viable choice for some, if not many.

An alternative career can be the correct choice for many law students and graduates.  The choice to enroll in law school does not mean that you have to be a lawyer.  Whether you put your legal training to active use or not, there are numerous opportunities for people with law degrees.  By examining the possibility of following a different career path than most, you may find yourself in a job that better suits your skills and interests.  You have a variety of career options; explore them!

The following individuals have law degrees but followed different paths.  There is hope for alternative career seekers after all ...

Fidel Castro Dictator
John Cleese Actor
Colonel Sanders KFC Founder
Howard Cosell Sports Writer/Commentator
John Grisham Author
Julio Iglesias Singer
David E. Kelley Screenwriter and Productor
Tony LaRussa Baseball Player and Manager
Geraldo Rivera Reporter and Talk Show Host
Portia di Rossi Actor

 For a complete copy of the Alternative Career Handbook click here.

Hat tip to the ABA Journal Blog.



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That's a fascinating list, but you forgot a few options:

Mohandas K. Ghandi ...... Leader of movement for Indian independence
Nelson Mandela .............. President of South Africa; Leader of movement against apartheid

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