Monday, September 26, 2011

Law Schools "poised to become irrelevant"?

Jordan Furlong concludes his thought-provoking and well-documented post, "The decline and fall of law school," with this statement: "[Law] schools are poised to become something far worse than simply an irritant to the profession. They’re poised to become irrelevant."

There's no doubt that Furlong's post will get the attention of law firm managing partners. It's also a great summary of the view many practicing lawyers have of legal education these days.

The money quote:

Law schools that value their continued involvement in the legal education industry need to understand just how dangerous their position has become. The lawyers and legal regulators to whom I speak sound close to giving up on law schools, writing them off as partners or even stakeholders in the bar admission reform process. These people are the schools’ customers — the annual buyers of their inventory — and they’re despairing of any movement by the schools towards a different approach or even a real conversation with the profession about its needs. There just doesn’t appear to be anyone home.

Furlong's post looks to be a good place to get the conversation started. Highly recommended.


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