Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Building a Professional Network Starts During 1L

A recent post from Law Practice Today caught my attention as I watch the new 1Ls begin to form relationships/study groups with each other.  

Some of these friendships are likely to be long lasting and will help to create a professional network that will serve the students well as they enter the field and through the years as they practice law.  The post offers some great advice, not only for those new attorneys entering practice, but for the new students just beginning their first year of law school:

"Where to Start
Establishing professional friendships takes time and sweat equity. It is built up slowly over time as incremental deposits by first helping others… It means staying in regular contact with the circle of legal peers you've developed over the years from law school, friends and acquaintances from past cases. Using, but not abusing, these professional friendships with other lawyers is just the start. Giving back and sincerely helping others before you ask help from them matters perhaps most of all."

The full post is here.
It seems like a good discussion to have with law students.


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