Friday, July 29, 2011

New Beta Web Version of U.S. Code Released

The Office of the Law Revisions of Counsel of the United States House of Representatives has launched a beta website version of the U.S. Code.  More information here.

Some key features include:

"• A new search engine for Code data
• An expanding "Table of Contents" style browse of the Code
• A simple search facility for quickly accessing specific Code sections or performing simple word or phrase searches
• An advanced search facility for sophisticated searching of Code content using delimiters such as field or Code hierarchy restrictions, Boolean logic, and case sensitive searches
• An improved display of search results and Code documents
• Cite Checker, a new tool that enables quick checking of specific Code sections for recent amendments
• Easy access to the USCprelim, an advance posting of the next online version of the Code
• New explanatory material about the Code and the functions of the Office"

You can access site here and test it for yourself.  Comments and questions can be sent to [email protected]

Hat tip LawLibraryofCongress (@LawLibCongress)


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