Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bibliography of recent scholarship on the legal profession - Part 7 - ADR

The final installment from Bobby Click, Recent Law Review Articles Concerning the Legal Profession, 35 J. Legal Prof. 173 (2010). Part 1 of this biblio can be found here, Part 2 here, Part 3, here, Part 4, here, Part 5, here and Part 6, here.

7. Alternative Dispute Resolution

Maggie T. Grace, Criminal Alternative Dispute Resolution: Restoring Justice, Respecting Responsibility, and Renewing Public Norms, 34 VT. L. REV. 563 (2010).

Robert J. Grey, Jr., Promoting the Rule of Law by Facilitating Alternative Dispute Resolution, 16 No. 4 DISP. RESOL. MAG. 29 (2010).

Peter Reilly, Mindfulness, Emotions, and Mental Models: Theory that Leads to More Effective Dispute Resolution, 10 NEV. L.J. 433 (2010).

James M. Van Nostrand & Erin P. Honaker, Preserving the Public Interest Through the Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Utility Retail Rate Cases, 27 PACE ENVTL. L. REV. 227 (2010). This article discusses the expenses involved in utility general rate cases, and how the public interest could be better served by the use of alternative dispute resolution in such cases.


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