Friday, July 29, 2011

ABA Faces Scrutiny as Job Prospects, Debt Levels for Law School Grads Worsen

That’s the headline on the latest Washington Post article on law school accreditation. Apparently, the ABA’s group for accrediting law schools is not in compliance with 17 standards mandated by the federal government:

A recent Department of Education review of the ABA’s accreditation work found that the agency does not demand schools keep loan default rates below a certain level, as required. The ABA has also failed to set minimum standards for postgraduate employment rates and show that it has a transparent and public accreditation process, a department review panel found in a June hearing. The panel found that the ABA unit fell short on meeting 17 federal standards required of accreditation agencies.

The ABA says that it will have many of those problems fixed by early August and seems to think the others are not particularly significant.


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