Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top tips from the bench, bar and profs for writing a great appellate brief

Here's an article from the Vermont Bar Journal called Improving Your Appellate Briefs: The Best Advice from the Bench, Bar and Academy. From the introduction:

This article will distill the best available advice from practitioners, judges, and professors, respectively, about writing briefs. It will draw on my teaching and my brief-writing practice, and on the academic writing and practical experience of others, to offer instructional tips designed to improve all aspects of your appellate briefs. It may be most helpful for the practitioner who writes a brief infrequently and needs a comprehensive, yet concise, guide to brief writing. But it will also serve as a refresher for the lawyer who writes briefs regularly, yet has not consulted instructional materials on this subject since the early years of practice or a long-ago CLE seminar. Thus, both the bewildered novice and the grizzled veteran can benefit from this article.

You can read the rest here.



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