Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tips for starting your own law blog (and the benefits of doing so)

There are several reasons why recent and not-so-recent law grads may want to start a blog. Given the job market, more grads than ever are considering hanging a shingle. A good niche law blog is a great way to market yourself both locally and nationally on the cheap. I've heard of some fabulous  success stories by grads who attracted media attention and clients through blogging (by writing about niche subjects like videogame law). Establishing an internet beachhead may also lead to opportunities to affiliate with other, like-minded attorneys by forming a virtual law firm. Did I mention blogging is really inexpensive advertising?

Over at the blog the Lawyerist, they've put together a great checklist of tips (you'll need to scroll down the page) for starting your own law blog including an interview with an attorney whose blog is apparently also his law practice (he and his co-bloggers are hoping to eventually generate enough advertising revenue to sustain them).

Here are the highlights:

You can read the rest of the Lawyerist's advice here.


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The benefits you've outlined, such as establishing authority, enhancing one's legal skills, and networking within the legal community, underscore the immense value a law blog can bring not only to the author but also to the readers seeking reliable information and guidance.

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