Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friday Fun: Don't waste valuable time berating young associates; outsource it instead!

Outsourcing is hot right now. And with select billing rates approaching $1,000 per hour, clients are no longer going to tolerate paying for partner time spent yelling at associates. So do what any cost-effective firm does now a days; outsource your verbal abuse!  Here's how courtesy of my new favorite legal humor blog, the Big Legal Brain:

When needed, I outsource all of my petty and abusive ["P&A"] behavior to TSD Outsourcing.  

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It’s great. I call up one of the P&A outsource vendors (inexplicably, most of the best vendors are located in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), tell them what I need, and within a few hours the petty emails start, then a phone call or two, and I’ve got my staff back in line. But if you need some really powerful stuff, most P&A vendors have stateside agents available on call, 24/7, that you can hire for that oft-needed physical presence. It allows you to maintain your cool but still instill that old-fashioned need for intimidational motivation that has become a lost art in most modern law firms.


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