Friday, March 25, 2011

Even in small towns, the Yellow Pages are dead

Do attorneys still advertise in the Yellow Pages rather than create a website? I would have thought "no" until I read this column from the Lawyerist which implies that the advertising medium of choice for rural practitioners might still be the phone book rather than the web. The point of the column is that even rural practitioners need to establish a web presence. And if you're a new law grad planning on going solo, you need to follow this advice too, regardless of your location:

A big reason law offices maintain a web presence is branding. It can be easy for rural attorneys to dismiss the need to use the web in order to communicate who you are to prospective clients. After all, you run into your client base every day‚Ķ at the grocery store, high school basketball game, etc. However, even if you are fully confident that potential clients in your area know about you, you have to be easy to get a hold of in order for them to hire you. While you might rely on the belief that potential clients can use the phone book, many people use search engines to look up information. This is especially true as more and more people use smart phones. At minimum, your contact information and areas of practice need to be able to be found online.

You can read here two more reasons why any phone book hold-outs should establish a web presence pronto.


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