Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Boyd School of Law will triple costs to offset state budget cuts; won't lay-off faculty

We had previously reported on the devastating cuts facing the UNLV system in light of a new budget submitted by the governor earlier this year.  Yesterday UNLV's president announced how each unit would absorb the proposed $47.5 million in university-wide cuts. According to these sources (here, here and here) the law school will handle the cuts by raising tuition significantly - tripling the cost of a degree from what it was 3 years ago - rather than laying off faculty. According to a summary from the UNLV president's office:

These additional increases will undermine the Law School's successful formula and render it a mediocre institution.

Other programs are far less lucky according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

To meet proposed budget cuts, UNLV would eliminate 33 degree programs with more than 2,000 students in them, killing 315 jobs, UNLV President Neal Smatresk told school employees and students Tuesday.

"We've already squeezed the blood from the stone," Smatresk said later.

Of the 315 jobs that would be eliminated, 120 are faculty positions. One hundred and ten of the 315 are vacant. The rest would require layoffs. Most probably would take effect July 1, 2012. Those cuts would bring total job losses to more than 800 at the university in the last several years.

"This is horrific, to talk about people like this," he said.

Some of the programs facing elimination include philosophy, women's studies and social work. And the cuts announced yesterday only amount to $32.6 million out of the full $47.5 the university must lose under the governor's proposed budget. The president says he hopes the additional $15 million won't be necessary in the event the new budget does indeed pass in June.

You can read more coverage from the Las Vegas Review-Journal here, from the Las Vegas Sun here and from the UNLV Faculty Alliance blog, here.


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