Saturday, February 26, 2011

Young Lawyers Division Calls for Truth in Law School Education

The ABA Young Lawyers Division has adopted a “Truth in Law School Education” resolution and is submitting it to the ABA House of Delegates. According to the National Law Journal, it seeks to provide potential  students with accurate information about the cost of law school and the jobs and salaries of lawyers:

 For instance, the resolution urges law schools to stipulate on their Web sites and acceptance notices what percentage of graduates are in full-time, part-time and temporary positions. It also calls for schools to provide median salary statistics for different types of employment rather than provide a single median covering both private law firms jobs and other jobs such as public interest — a statistic that can be misleading to prospective law students since law firm jobs typically pay more than public interest jobs. Additionally, the resolution calls on law schools to report the "actual" cost of legal education by disclosing the per-credit costs, and average cost of living expenses.

The ABA section that is revising accreditation standards is also looking into requiring accurate data on these matters.


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