Tuesday, February 22, 2011

U. Colorado launches new family law clinic where students travel to India

Speaking of externships (below), the University of Colorado has a new family law clinic where students will travel to India during spring break in order to study first hand that country's approach to legal issues involving women's rights, child abuse, sex trafficking and domestic violence.  According to the Colorado Daily:

'This class is about immersion and collaborative learning,' [Professor Colene] Robinson said. 'We want to bring together all their past experiences into a different context and compare them with a different country's approach.'

The class requires each student to complete a research paper on one of the four topics, which will be filled with research completed during the trip to Bangalore, India.

The students will be collaborating with students from the National Law School in Bangalore, which has a similar curriculum to CU-Boulder. The group will also visit several non-governmental agencies like the Human Rights Law Network and the Alternative Law Forum.

The school has contributed $11,000 toward the cost of sending 15 students to India in March and fundraisers are planned to help cover the rest.

You can read more here.

Hat tip to the online ABA Journal.



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