Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some law schools are holding the line on tuition increases

Several legal news outlets are reporting that some schools - Ave Maria, Maryland, U. Miami and U. of New Hampshire (nee Franklin Pierce Law Center) - are freezing tuition (here, here and here). Here are the specifics from the National Law Journal:

The University of Miami School of Law froze tuition this year and will again keep tuition the same at $37,418 for all current students next academic year.

"The decision to hold the line on tuition increases is a significant step toward improving the value proposition of law school in these challenging times," Broderick said. "Given the current economic climate and the debt loads that law school graduates are facing, a tuition freeze is one very tangible way to demonstrate commitment to our students."

Tuition at Broderick's school — which was formerly known as Franklin Pierce Law Center but is now affiliated with the University of New Hampshire — is $39,900 per year.

Even with the freeze, those tuition bills are still going to result in some mighty hefty non-dischargeable debts upon graduation. Prospective law students - please do the math beforehand and proceed with caution. 

In related news, we reported last week that Albany is reducing its incoming 1L class size purportedly in response to the the poor job market for law grads.  Over at the Faculty Lounge, Dan Filler makes the point that elite schools who make the decision to reduce class size in order to maintain selectivity can make up for the lost revenue through transfer students; other schools, not so much.


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