Monday, February 28, 2011

Indiana Tech considers adding a law school

That would bring the total to 5 for the state of Indiana and a total of 7 within a 3 hour drive of Fort Wayne where Indiana Tech is located.

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The Indiana Tech Board of Trustees announced Friday the creation of a committee to look at the feasibility of opening a law school in Fort Wayne.

The committee will submit a preliminary report and recommendation to the board May 13, according to a written statement from the university.

Daniel G. McNamara, president of the Allen County Bar Association and a partner at Eilbacher Fletcher LLP, said the question about the possibility of a law school in Fort Wayne should be whether it will be a good one.

. . . .

The creation of a law school, though, would fit nearly perfectly with the mission statement of the local bar association, he said.

“I could see the local bar association having a very good working relationship with a law school here in town,” he said.

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