Friday, February 18, 2011

Albany School of Law decides to cut incoming class size in response to fewer applications

Albany is the second law school this week to announce plans to cut its budget.  Unlike UNLV which is being forced to make huge cuts due to a state fiscal crisis, Albany is doing so in response to a decrease in applicants.  From the National Law Journal:

Albany plans to reduce the size of its incoming class from 250 to 240 and cut 2% from its $32 million budget — a $600,000 reduction. The school has also nixed pay raises for employees and is raising tuition by 4%, though dean and president Thomas Guernsey said that increase isn't enough to offset the lost tuition revenue that will result from the smaller class.

Albany has received about 20% fewer applications this year. Reducing the class size is intended to help the school preserve the academic qualifications of the new class, and to ensure they have access to jobs when they graduate, said Guernsey.

'This is really a reflection of the job market,' Guernsey said. 'It seems like the right business judgment at this time, given the economy.'

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