Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The online ABA Journal's 10 most popular blog posts for 2010

"Best of" lists are as common a sight this time of year as shrimp cocktails at a law firm Christmas party.  We therefore present for your consideration yet another "best of" list - this time from the online ABA Journal blog representing the ten most popular stories based on reader visits (there are several law school and practice related stories among them):

1. Midyear Meeting 2010
Race & Gender of Judges Make Enormous Differences in Rulings, Studies Find
2. Work/Life Balance
Why Lawyers Should Work No More than 40 Hours a Week
3. Family Law
Law Student Charged with Contempt for Exposing Daughter to Christianity
4. Law Schools
Profs Predict Law School Closings as More Grads Earn Less than Break-Even Pay
5. Legal Ethics
Lawyer Disbarred for $3,500-an-Hour Fee and ‘Bizarre Behavior’
6. Legal Ethics
Ohio Lawyer Suspended for Billing More than 24 Hours in a Day
7. Law Firms
Malpractice Plaintiff Wins $103M Verdict Against Baker & McKenzie
8. Law Firms
Law Firms Swindled Out of $500K in E-Mail Scam
9. Family Law
Opposing Counsel’s Warning Comes Too Late; Lawyer, 54, Is Stabbed 12 Times in Her Office
10. Careers
As 1L Ponders Cost-Benefit Ratio of Dropping Out Now, ATL Survey Says: Do It



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