Tuesday, December 14, 2010

AALS Joint Program on Clinical Law and Poverty Law Sections

On  Saturday, January 8, 2011, The AALS Sections on Clinical Legal Education and Poverty Law  will present a session entitled “Fostering Justice and Public Service: Preparing Students to be Active Participants in Developing the Law, Legal Processes, and Legal Systems." Here is the line up of speakers:

  • Jessica K. Steinberg (Associate Professor of Clinical Law, George Washington) presenting “In Pursuit of Justice? Case Outcomes and the Delivery of Unbundled Legal Services”
  • Douglas Colbert (Professor, Univ. of Maryland) presenting “Prosecution without Representation”
  • Linda F. Smith (Professor, Univ. of Utah) presenting “Fostering Justice Throughout the Curriculum”
  • Deborah Weissman (Professor, Univ. of North Carolina ) presenting “Redefining Human Rights Lawyering Through the Lens of Critical Theory: Lessons for Pedagogy and Practice,” coauthored by Davida Finger (Assistant Clinical Professor, Loyola Univ. New Orleans), Caroline Bettinger-Lopez (Associate Professor of Clinical Legal Education, Univ. of Miami), Meetali Jain (Project Director for the South African Youth Constitutional Literacy and Service Project, Univ. of Cape Town), JoNel Newman (Associate Professor of Clinical Legal Education, Univ. of Miami), and Sarah Paoletti (Practice Associate Professor of Law, Univ. of Pennsylvania).

Juliet Brodie (Stanford) will moderate. The resulting papers will be published in the Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law and Policy.

(thnx to the Poverty Law blog.)



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