Sunday, November 28, 2010

UK worries about glut of lawyers too.

U.K. bar officials are also worried about the glut of lawyers in that country and the market's ability to absorb new law grads.  Related to that, the "Bar Standards Board" is concerned that law schools produce grads with high quality practice skills.  From the National Law Journal:

Like the United States, the United Kingdom faces an oversupply of new lawyers. The Law Society of England & Wales, which represents solicitors, launched a campaign during the summer of 2009 to warn students about the potential drawbacks of a legal career. Its figures show that 7,000 students completed the legal practice course in 2008 to become a solicitor, but only 6,000 training contracts were available. (The training is required to qualify as a solicitor, which is an attorney who does not go into court).

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According to a press release from the Bar Standards Board, the review will look at the likely shape and demands of the legal industry in 2020, as well as technological changes. The review will also examine the need for 'high quality, competitive legal services and education and training providers and high ethical standards for lawyers and legal services entities.'
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'Much of the recent focus of regulatory activity has been on reforming the structures for regulating businesses,' said authority chief Executive Antony Townsend. 'This review will ensure that serious thought, based on thorough research and comprehensive consultation with all interested parties, is now given to education and training.'

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